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Our company provides a wide range of private satelite system and wire and steel products in Central Asia since 1949.

Кабели и провода
Резиновые смеси
Стальная продукция
Стеновые панели
Клеточные батареи для содержания птицы
Cables and wires

Cables and wires

Our company provides a wide range of private satelite system and wire products in accordance with the best international standards DIN, EN, GOST standards... Go to section

Rubber compounds

Rubber compounds

The rubber compounds used for the manufacture of: rubber and rubber-metal parts movable and fixed joints; rubber products for aircraft equipment; molded and extruded parts operating at a static strain. ... Go to section

Steel products

Steel products

Modern steel wire have a very long history. On the first samples of metal wire can be judged by the jewelry that came to us from ancient times - that precious metals served as material for the first wire - at least based on the information available today. One of the main reasons for this - just the high cost of metals available in the ancient and manual production of the first single copies. Wire thread is often used by jewelers and applied artists to create derivative products from wire - chains and a variety of braids and tangles. The technology of manufacturing the first samples of wire supposed cutting metal plates into thin rods and then pulling these rods through the holes in the sto... Go to section

Wall panels

Wall panels

reinforced polystyrene wall panels «PANELI 3D» designed for external and internal walls and load-bearing walls in buildings and structures for various purposes. In order to control the environment in a room, often requires thermal inertia. This is the best option for heated rooms at lower temperatures. «PANELI 3D» possess excellent thermal insulation properties. ... Go to section

Cell batteries for poultry

Cell batteries for poultry

battery cages for poultry KB - 90 1. Appointment . Cell Battery for poultry KB - 90 intended for breeding animals up to 90 hens - hens. Cell battery has 30 cells, each cell contains three to laying hens. Chickens - laying hens should be kept in accordance with established sanitary standards and regulations. 2. Specifications. - the dimensions of the chicken coop: length x width x height mm - 2100h2600h1700; - the size of a single cell: length x width x height mm - 400h375h375: - the specific area of ​​the head, see 2 - 500; - the slope of sex cells, a - 8; 3. Completeness. The kit assembly cell battery CB - 90 consists of the following items: - Front of th... Go to section


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